MaxQDAAfter weeks of researching and trial and error I adopted MaxQDA as my qualitative data analysis tool. Simply put, MaxQDA has the most functional and intuitive interface, yet it is extremely robust and function. MaxQDA is also one of the most affordable qualitative analysis programs out there.
StataRich and powerful with lots of functionality. building SEM models and regression tables is fairly straight forward and the user interface is flexible.
MendeleyWhen I got into grad school the one universal message I received from all professors was to centralize and organize all of the articles I read. An organized bibliographic repository can save hours and days of work. Credit goes to Masha Jones for showing me this program. It allows for note taking, highlighting and organizing on multiple PC's. The direct citation and bibliographic tools for word are great, oh, and it's free!
ScrivenerI don't use Scrivener often, but if you are looking for an application to help you organize your writing, this is a good way to go.
google_docs_logoGoogle docs/drive are great, and when I became docs certified I learned a great deal about additional functionality especially using forms to conduct surveys, docs to collaborate on papers and projects and hangouts to connect with people.